Siena Winter School Workshops

SIENA Winter School workshop series

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This is a list of a hands-on workshop series taking place in Groningen, The Netherlands (2005-2015, 2019), Zürich, Switzerland (2016), and Norrköping, Sweden (2017). In 2021, we offer an online course (see below).

The workshop series' audience are researchers who are working with the SIENA (Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis) program for the statistical analysis of the dynamics of sociocentric networks. Also researchers who have data available and/or wish to start working with SIENA are welcome.

The Winter Schools focus on basic understanding of the model and the program, how to obtain good estimates, how to interpret them, model selection, and in general on whatever questions may arise from the participants. It is assumed that participants have their own data and bring them with them, and have their own (Windows-operated) laptop.

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