Documents for the Siena workshop January 16-20, 2006, in Groningen

Course material for the 2nd SIENA workshop

On this page, you can download the course material of the hands-on workshop for researchers working with the SIENA software that took place January 16-20, 2006, in Groningen. The material is organised by course days.

The course reader contained the following additional literature, which was used as reference in several presentations:
    Snijders, Tom A.B. (2005).
    Models for Longitudinal Network Data.
    Chapter 11 in P. Carrington, J. Scott, & S. Wasserman (Eds.):
    Models and methods in social network analysis.
    New York: Cambridge University Press (2005), 215-247.

    Steglich, Christian, Tom A.B. Snijders, and Michael Pearson (2004).
    Dynamic Networks and Behavior: Separating Selection from Influence.
    Submitted for publication.

    van de Bunt, Gerhard G., Rafael P.M. Wittek, and Maurits C. de Klepper (2005).
    The Evolution of Intra-Organizational Trust Networks.
    The Case of a German Paper Factory: An Empirical Test of Six Trust Mechanisms.

    International Sociology 20:3 (2003), 339-369.

    Steglich, Christian, Tom A.B. Snijders, and Patrick West (2005).
    Applying SIENA: An illustrative analysis of the co-evolution of adolescents'
    friendship networks, taste in music, and alcohol consumption.

    Extended version of the article to appear in Methodology 2:1 (2006).

    Snijders, Tom A.B, and Baerveldt, Chris (2003).
    A Multilevel Network Study of the Effects of Delinquent Behavior on Friendship Evolution.
    Journal of Mathematical Sociology 27 (2003), 123-151.
Finally, an article illustrating the principle of forward model selection as discussed on the Wednesday is the following:
    Snijders, Tom A.B., Christian Steglich, and Michael Schweinberger (2005).
    Modeling the co-evolution of networks and behavior.
    To appear in Longitudinal models in the behavioral and related sciences,
    edited by Kees van Montfort, Han Oud and Albert Satorra; Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006.

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