Programme for the Siena workshop January 8-11, 2007, in Groningen

Programme of the 4th SIENA workshop (March 31 - April 3, 2008)

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This page gives the programme of this year's workshop on the use of the SIENA software for longitudinal social network analysis that will take place in Groningen / The Netherlands.

Location of the workshop is room A7 of the Academy Building in the city centre of Groningen. Except on Monday, sessions start at 9:00 and except on Thursday, they end at 17:00, with an ample lunch break from 12:30-14:00.

Teachers are Christian Steglich, Mark Huisman and Marijtje van Duijn, and Tom Snijders.

  • Monday
    Walk-in welcome in room A7, from 12:00 on
    13:00 Introduction to dynamic social network analysis, first part
    • basic concepts and modelling framework
    • introduction to the StOCNET software
    • data requirements
    • a first analysis
    17:00 End of the course day

  • Tuesday
    9:15 Introduction to dynamic social network analysis, second part
    • examples of applications
    • the default estimation algorithm
    • using the software for simulation of networks
    • the case of undirected networks
    12:30 Lunch break
    14:00 Missing data
    • network composition change
    • network regions that cannot change
    • missing data treatment
    16:00 First steps towards analysing the participants' own data sets
    17:00 End of the course day
    18:30 Joint dinner (own expense) at Humphrey's Restaurant

  • Wednesday
    9:15 Co-evolution of social networks and individual actor characteristics
    11:00 More steps towards analysing the participants' own data
    12:30 Lunch break
    14:00 Model specification
    • goodness of fit
    • forward & backward model selection strategies
    • remarks on statistical power
    • advanced estimation methods
    17:00 End of the course day

  • Thursday
    9:15 Models for cross-sectional networks
    • the p2 model
    • exponential random graph models
    13:00 Workshop ends

  • Additional topics that may be addressed during the workshop, depending on participants' interests:
    > Multilevel data and meta-analysis of SIENA estimates
    > Running SIENA outside of StOCNET
    > Communication of SIENA analyses to a wider audience
    > New developments

A copy of the SIENA manual and a course reader will be distributed.
For further information and literature, see the SIENA webpage.

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