The last update was made in November 2007...

This is a chronological overview of some presentations given by Christian Steglich, not including workshop material. If you want to learn more about a specific presentation, or get the opportunity to download the slides, please click on the title.

“Analysing the dynamic interdependence of network structures and individual performance in organizations.”
(September 2007, ASNA conference, Zürich)

“Closure, constraint and homophily: Joint determinants of network segregation.”
(May 2007, Sunbelt conference, Corfu)

“Partners in Power: Job Mobility and Dynamic Deal-Making.”
(June 2006, Workshop on Networks in Economics and Sociology)

“Actor-driven alternatives to exponential random graph models.”
(April 2006, Sunbelt conference, Vancouver)

“Analysing the co-evolution of social networks and behaviour with SIENA.”
(February 2005, Sunbelt conference, Los Angeles)

“Assessing influence and selection in network-behavioural co-evolution, with an application to smoking and alcohol consumption among adolescents.”
(May 2004, Sunbelt conference, Portorož)

“Categorisation of decision situations affecting induced preferences. Some empirical tests of a formal framing model.”
(February 2004, SFB 504, Mannheim)

“Framing Processes in Social Dilemmas. Formal Modelling and Experimental Validation.”
(November 2002, Mathematical Sociology Group meeting, Groningen)

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