Miscellaneous topics
largely unrelated to my work life

Where I come from

My origin is Berlin, a fabulous city! Early childhood experiences include encounters with wild boars in the Tegel Forest, or suddenly being part of a French field exercise on my way to school. All-time good reasons for being in Berlin: high-quality Döner, the comic strip subculture (e.g. the work by LGX), some early music and less early music events, and the general multicultural repertoire.

On the left you see a bronze statue by Renée Sintenis, showing Berlin's heraldic bear. It can be found at former checkpoint Dreilinden, and was recycled to become the prize statuette of the Berlinale. By the way -- my primary school was named after Renée Sintenis!

What matters most

I am partner of Fabiola and father of Lucian and Leon.
(Picture taken in summer 2016, Bremen airport.)

Urban beekeeping

Fabiola and me are keeping bees in Groningen city - one hive in our garden, one hive on our roof. Buckfast bees, Dadant hives. It is a close-to-nature hobby and you can make it as complex as you like - from biodiversity advocacy via candle making to honey marketing - very rewarding!

If you are interested in buying a pot of our honey, send us a message to bankahoning@gmail.com !

Some formative culture